The Parameters

I’m not one for a lot of rules, but Another Verse has some parameters that you should know about.

  • My focus is on genres other than jazz. That doesn’t mean I’ll ignore jazz, but I probably won’t write on a topic if a good treatment already exists. To keep up on jazz news and jazz history, I read Plastic Sax and kcjazzlark. You should too.
  • Geographically, the focus is on the Kansas City metropolitan statistical area. That includes Kansas City Missouri and Kansas, the surrounding suburbs and the outlying counties. Interestingly, the KC MSA includes Leavenworth, but not Lawrence, which is categorized as a separate area. But lots of Lawrence music history affected Kansas City, so it’s foolish to ignore it because of a government classification.
  • I’m pretty open when it comes to historical significance. If I can find a connection, I’ll run with it. Martina McBride? She grew up about 75 miles southwest of Wichita, but she gigged here regularly when she sang in cover bands. Burt Bacharach was born and lived in KC until he was four, when his family moved to Queens. Remember the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band? KC was a huge market for them and they recorded a live album here. And there’s nothing better than the born and bred, like Tech N9ne, the hip-hop artist who’s the cornerstone of the biggest independent label in the country.

Other than that, it’s anything and everything.


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