Welcome to Another Verse: the Rest of Kansas City’s Music History.

To paraphrase Chuck Berry, that venerable Missouri poet, I got no kick against modern jazz. However, when it comes to Kansas City music history, I think it’s unfortunate that the focus is usually on jazz to the exclusion of everything else.

Jazz is an indispensable part of KC’s heritage. But so is jazz, country, R&B, folk, blues, classical, hip-hop, Broadway, Christian and gospel … within almost every genre of music, you can find something of historical interest that happened in the area.

If this history is a song, you only have one verse if you concentrate on jazz. The history in those other genres make up the other “verses” that compose the history of Kansas City music.

With Another Verse, you’ll find the famous and the infamous, the firsts and lasts, the forgotten and overlooked, the common threads not commonly thought of. Stuff that I like to explore, and that I hope you enjoy learning about.

If you like something, let me know and share it with your friends. If you don’t, let me know, too. I don’t make any claims on my viewpoint, except that it’s my own and there’s always room for others’.

With that, welcome!


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