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Today in KC’s Music History: “The Way That I Am” by Martina McBride

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Martina McBride released her first album in 1992, but it was her second album that gave her first substantial career momentum. That album, The Way That I Am, was released on Sept. 14, 1993.

Martina was born in Sharon, Kan., a town of 200 not far from the Oklahoma line. It’s about 75 miles southwest of Wichita, where she began her professional career. Before singing country, she sang in cover bands that often played in the Kansas City area.

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What Good Ever Happened Here?

I used to think that, musically speaking, nothing good happened in this town. There was that jazz history 70 or 80 years ago, but not much else. But for the past year, I’ve been researching KC’s music history for a documentary. I discovered how wrong I was.

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The Parameters

I’m not one for a lot of rules, but Another Verse has some parameters that you should know about.

  • My focus is on genres other than jazz. That doesn’t mean I’ll ignore jazz, but I probably won’t write on a topic if a good treatment already exists. To keep up on jazz news and jazz history, I read Plastic Sax and kcjazzlark. You should too. Continue reading


Welcome to Another Verse: the Rest of Kansas City’s Music History.

To paraphrase Chuck Berry, that venerable Missouri poet, I got no kick against modern jazz. However, when it comes to Kansas City music history, I think it’s unfortunate that the focus is usually on jazz to the exclusion of everything else.

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