The Billboard Roll Call: Brewer & Shipley

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The Billboard Roll Call is a listing of regional artists who have charted a song on the Billboard Top 40 from 1955-2009. The introduction has additional information.

Brewer & Shipley, in a publicity photo from 1970.

Although Brewer & Shipley’s folk sound made them a staple on album-oriented FM radio in the 1970s, it didn’t easily translate to AM radio success. Their only chart success, One Toke Over the Line, made the Top 10 in March 1971 and remains a staple on classic rock and oldies radio.

Michael Brewer and Tom Shipley met as solo performers on the folk circuit in the 1960s. They both landed in Los Angeles and started writing songs together as staff writers for a music publishing company. After some of their songs were cut by other artists, they were offered a recording contract.

After their first album was released in 1968, they relocated to Kansas City and were managed by Good Karma Productions, a local firm.

One Toke Over the Line was a track on Tarkio, Brewer & Shipley’s third album, which was their most commercially successful.


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