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Introducing KC Music Tube

Writing about music is fine, but to experience the true essence of music, you need to listen to it or watch a performance. So I’ve started a new feature that I’m really excited about: KC Music Tube.

KC Music Tube collects the videos of KC music artists that are scattered all over the Internet (YouTube mostly). With video, you can see (and hear) what makes them so special.

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The Parameters

I’m not one for a lot of rules, but Another Verse has some parameters that you should know about.

  • My focus is on genres other than jazz. That doesn’t mean I’ll ignore jazz, but I probably won’t write on a topic if a good treatment already exists. To keep up on jazz news and jazz history, I read Plastic Sax and kcjazzlark. You should too. Continue reading


Welcome to Another Verse: the Rest of Kansas City’s Music History.

To paraphrase Chuck Berry, that venerable Missouri poet, I got no kick against modern jazz. However, when it comes to Kansas City music history, I think it’s unfortunate that the focus is usually on jazz to the exclusion of everything else.

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