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The National Recording Registry: KC Edition, Part 1

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To mark the release of this year’s additions to the National Recording Registry, we’re going to feature registry recordings with ties to Kansas City.

The National Recording Registry at the Library of Congress honors and preserves recordings of significant cultural, musical and historical value. The registry contains 17 recordings that has ties to Kansas City.

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Today in KC’s Music History: Aaron Yates Born

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His given name of Aaron Yates may not ring a bell, but but his professional name might: rapper Tech N9ne was born on Nov. 8, 1971.

Tech was born in Kansas City and has remained here for his entire career. He is widely considered to be the best selling independent artist in hip-hop. He’s sold more than 1 million CDs during this career, an amazing accomplishment for an independent artist. He is the co-owner of, and chief artist for, Strange Music, based in Lee’s Summit, Mo., a suburb just south of Kansas City.

Tech’s latest release is an EP, Seepage, which was released on Oct. 25. His last full album, The Gates Mixed Plate, was released on July 27.

In addition to his birthday this week, the movie Vengeance, starring Danny Trejo, will be released on DVD on Thursday. In the movie, Tech plays Chaco, a “street thug, madman who is the wrong place at the wrong time,” according to the film’s web site. He was going to contribute at least one song to the movie, according to director Gil Medina in an August 2009 interview, but I’ve not been able to confirm if this is still true.

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This Month in KC’s Music History: Tech N9ne Goes Platinum

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I can’t let September end without acknowledging this significant milestone: Rapper Tech N9ne was certified as a platinum-selling artist in September 2008, making him the top-selling independent artist in hip-hop.

Tech N9ne grew up in Lee’s Summit, Mo., a suburb at the southeast part of the metropolitan area. Lee’s Summit is still his base of operations as the co-owner and principal artist of Strange Music.

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Introducing KC Music Tube

Writing about music is fine, but to experience the true essence of music, you need to listen to it or watch a performance. So I’ve started a new feature that I’m really excited about: KC Music Tube.

KC Music Tube collects the videos of KC music artists that are scattered all over the Internet (YouTube mostly). With video, you can see (and hear) what makes them so special.

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