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Today in KC’s Music History: “Some Kind of Monster” Released

Some_kind_of_minster_(film)One of the more fascinating tales in KC music history happened when the Metallica movie Some Kind of Monster was released on Jan. 24, 2004.

The film documents the band recording St. Anger, during which James Hetfield went into rehab. The band’s management hired Phil Towle, then a Kansas City-based “performance enhancing coach,” to work with the band and keep the whole thing from imploding.

Phil Towle was a KC-based "performance enhancement coach" when he was hired to work with Metallica.

Phil Towle was a KC-based “performance enhancement coach” when he was hired to work with Metallica.

Towle has a fair amount of screen time. It’s hard to say whether his efforts contributed to the band working through a rough patch. I think that there would have been plenty of incentive for the band to work things out, which they eventually did. It could be that Towle’s services, at $40,000 a month, played a part.

I really like this film for its portrayal of the band struggling to maintain itself during a difficult period in its history.

Towle has kept a low media profile since the film’s release. His Linkedin profile lists him as still living in the Bay Area (he moved from KC to work with Metallica). He is a principal consultant with Deviate LLC, a “performance improvement consultancy” based in Annapolis, MD.