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Today in KC’s Music History: The Record Bar Opens

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recordBar is celebrating a milestone this weekend with a series of shows. This important venue opened its doors this weekend in 2005.

Initially, the venue planned to do music only a couple of nights a week, but its music offerings steadily grew, and it’s become an important venue for local bands and national acts. Lots of locals play there to build a following and celebrate CD releases. National acts that have played there include: Joe Strummer from the Clash, Exene Cervenka, the Ting Tings and the National.

The Pitch’s music blog, Wayward Blog, has a great interview with one of the owners, Steve Tulipana.

Hat Tip: Wayward Blog

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Video: Trailer for “Cowtown Ballroom: Sweet Jesus”

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If you’re interested in Kansas City’s music history, then Cowtown Ballroom: Sweet Jesus is required viewing. It’s a loving look at this important concert venue, as well as an examination of the cultural factors that helped lead to its creation.

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Today in KC’s Music History: Cowtown Ballroom’s Final Show

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The Cowtown Ballroom was on the second floor of El Torreon Ballroom, at 31st Street and Gillham Plaza.

One of Kansas City’s most important venues closed its doors forever after a final show on Sept. 16, 1974.

Although it never made any money during its existence, the Cowtown Ballroom left an indelible legacy, locally and nationally. Located at 31st Street and Gillham Plaza on the second floor of El Torreon Ballroom (itself a legendary venue during the 1930s), Cowtown was a key stop for touring bands as they built their careers.

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