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Today in KC’s Music History: The Who Play at Shawnee Mission South High School

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During my years at Shawnee Mission South High School, I occasionally heard a story that I surely thought was a suburban legend: the Who played at my high school gymnasium?

The 1968 Shawnee Mission South yearbook devoted two pages to the Who's concert.

Yes they did, on Nov. 17, 1967. As the opening act. For the Buckinghams.

Before we laugh at this rock ‘n’ roll incongruity, it’s important to remember that in the fall of 1967, the Who was just another middling British singles band. And the Buckinghams’ best year was 1967, when they had four Top 20 hits, including two in the Top 10.

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Introducing KC Music Tube

Writing about music is fine, but to experience the true essence of music, you need to listen to it or watch a performance. So I’ve started a new feature that I’m really excited about: KC Music Tube.

KC Music Tube collects the videos of KC music artists that are scattered all over the Internet (YouTube mostly). With video, you can see (and hear) what makes them so special.

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